Change the Life of a Victim of Violence

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In recent months OutJustice has achieved major victories that are absolutely life changing for those we assisted.

But our work often doesn’t stop with our clients – victims of discrimination and violence. By helping our clients and honoring our mission – advocating visibility and integrity for the LGBTQIA Community in the face of injustice – we also honor and advocate for our clients’ families, loved ones, and communities.

We’ve been touched deeply by the kind words we’ve received from inside and outside of our community. Soon, and with their permission, we hope to share some of those heartfelt thank you notes. It will be these types of firsthand accounts that we will need to help show our work as our accomplishments are the type that we often won’t be able to or even wish to publicly discuss in an effort to protect our clients’ privacy.

This is why our initial push to get our name out there is going to be tough. But, you can help! Because we haven’t been working publicly yet, we’ve been busy by word of mouth referrals. And you’ve kept us busy. It’s good. Please keep the referrals coming.

Just some of what we’ve been up to…

Individuals have been helped by OutJustice with:

  • anti-LGBTQIA discrimination
  • hate crime violence
  • domestic abuse – mental and physical
  • sexual violence
  • racism
  • immigration concerns
  • worker injustices
  • abuse of power by law enforcement and U.S. prison systems
  • hate crimes against persons who are not LGBTQIA who nevertheless, at minimum needed a referral but, obtained assistance and a caring ear or two from us.

Please help us keep this going. Compassion is catching on. Help us spread the kindness around.

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And don’t forget to BE YOURSELF! 


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