Injustice anywhere is a threat …

… to justice everywhere.

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sometimes the injustices we need to pay attention to aren’t even obvious in their relevance to our struggles as LGBTQIA individuals. But, we need to pay attention.

Here, police shoot a calm dog for no acceptable reason.

And, they arrest a man who has done nothing but film them.

Interestingly, the man whose dog they brutally killed in front of kids had just sued the station for battery, civil rights violations, and false imprisonment.

These things happen to the queer community a lot. And we are here to do something about it.

Note: the man, to our knowledge, isn’t a member of the LGBTQIA community, but the case is important. Please read. You may also sign this petition urging prosecutors in the county to hold the officers accountable for their multiple abuses of power.

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