A Bit of Joy (OK, LOTS of JOY).

We at OutJustice have been struggling with how to not inundate you all with the horrific hate crimes we are monitoring in the media every day throughout the world, let alone those in the United States. So, we’ve been keeping them to ourselves.

In our office today we assisted a gay man beaten and then nearly made homeless by two heterosexual men (a father and son) whose actions against our client are angering. Apparently the Chicago gay center no longer hosts a 24-hour victim assistance line, making our not-so-uplifting advocacy work more crucial than ever.

To take a breath from that experience while we await an update from our client, we checked our messages and found the above video.

This video is of the immediate aftermath of the Supreme Court’s overturning of California’s Proposition 8. “Prop 8” prohibited marriage equality for queer couples who the State of California deemed to be two “males” or two “females” – keeping our transgender members in mind – and stripped the already married California couples who were not “one man and one woman” of their married status as far as the state was concerned.

The video’s focus? The first weddings to follow the court’s ruling. It will put a smile on your face. You might even need a few tissues.

The first couples married after marriage equality was restored in California were the plaintiffs in the four and a half year battle that led to the recent Supreme Court’s ruling. The court dismissed the bogus arguments because they were made by people unaffected by the proposition’s discriminatory results banning “gay marriage.”

Makes you think about all the other bur-ha-ha about gay marriage bans, also by individuals not affected whatsoever by marriage equality (other than in that they get themselves all “worked up” over treating people with dignity).

The video was put together by the American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER).

We think it was a good day. Congratulations to all those who worked so hard to destroy Proposition 8.


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