What do YOU think? OutJustice’s New Social Media Plan

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With all of the ongoing and unrelenting violence toward the Queer Community (LGBTQIA individuals) including deadly hate crimes, government sponsored discrimination, suppression, and “looking the other way” as citizens are savagely beaten in the streets (or doing the beating itself – Russia), the OutJustice board struggled with our media monitoring plan and how to report it to you all without completely deflating the important work and accomplishments – not to mention outright Victories! – we gain.

Sadly, there is a lot more “bad stuff” to report on than “good stuff.”

We decided some time ago that reporting or blogging every case was insane and depressed even us. We then considered blogging only the more relevant or compelling cases – it was still too much. But now we’ve got it!

Moving forward the OutJustice blog space will be used to report on cases of particular interest and of course any cases we are involved in on the ground where our client, the victim(s), wish to have their unfortunate situation be known to help others know that they are not alone and inspire you all to get active!

We will blog a weekly or biweekly  “cases of interest” piece that will consolidate the articles and situations that relate to anti-LGBTQIA hate crimes and discrimination. This will hopefully not inundate anyone in depression – if anything negative spurs of those recaps please turn those feelings into positive action and get involved with our life-changing programs!

Our regular Twitter account – @OutJustice4All – will reflect the above policy.

We will begin using a second Twitter account for media coverage and updates on hate crimes and other violence and discrimination against the Queer Community. With that account we will be as all inclusive as possible. 

Now, the question remains:

Should we have one account that covers the entire world and a second that watches only the U.S.? In that case we wouldn’t be covering the happenings in Russia right now, or the African governments writing the death penalty into law with the blessings or inactions of many states (countries) and the silence and total inaction of most religious communities’ leadership.

It seems that the U.S. account should tweet about situations that arise such as the above and the international account should be all inclusive as in All-Inclusive.

Tell us what you think @OutJustice4All or in the comments section below. One additional Twitter account or several?

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