Unfortunately, death isn’t optional.

emergency-room-signOutJustice has teamed up with healthcare ethics specialists to help you understand and answer those difficult end-of-life questions that will ultimately require timely – and sometimes urgent – decision-making on the part of your loved ones.

Alternatively, they may be making these decisions for you.

Wouldn’t you like to know that what you want will be followed rather than leave it to the whim, memory, spite, or government to make those decisions on your behalf?

We at OutJustice have seen some terribly frightening close calls, and worse, when individuals didn’t take the time to ensure that not only were advanced directives prepared, but that they were actually somewhere useful.

If you have an advance directive, either a living will or a durable power of attorney, do you know where it is?

  1. Do you have a copy in your car, in your bag, or electronically available?
  2. And, do those you’ve given the responsibility of following through for you even know where their copies are?
  3. Do they understand it?
  4. Do you trust that they will have your back when the going gets tough?
  5. And did you select the most appropriate persons?

Often we by some type of default choose those who are family members. Those in the queer community know well that our families don’t always have our best interests in mind.

Take for example the distant sister of a gay male in Texas who, according to media reports, unexpectedly swooped in and cut off her ill brother’s long term partner completely – evicting the partner from the home they shared and subsequently even preventing the partner from even visiting his mate in the nursing home.

She did so legally likely because their paperwork was not correct or in order.

emergency room patientCould this happen to you?

Absolutely it could.

What life-sustaining medical interventions do you want and what don’t you want?

  1. What quality of life is acceptable to you?
  2. Where do you want to die?

These are just a few of the questions you can answer now so your loved ones won’t have to guess what you want when those decisions have to be made.

If your religious beliefs play a significant role in your decision-making, we’ll review the official position of your religious denomination with you, confirming that the decisions you are making are in accordance should you choose them.

Give a gift to your loved ones: Read more.

One thought on “Unfortunately, death isn’t optional.

  1. Reblogged this on Hauff [,] Daniel and commented:

    We will all die. Some of us know how sudden and unexpected that can be. I encourage you all to review OutJustice’s Life Planning program in its entirety (it’s not long, folks). Having a living will or other durable power of attorney for healthcare, [particularly one thrown together by an attorney with a template and particularly one that is locked away somewhere where no one knows about it – you need to carry these documents ON you … in your car, briefcase, have available via email (send them to yourself) and SO SHOULD ALL OF YOUR DESIGNEES!] will do you absolutely no good if it’s not available when something happens. I know of only a handful of people, my partner and me among them, who have solid durable powers of attorney for health care completed by a bioethicist. Mine is in my briefcase, in my filing cabinet, visibly available in our home, in my email account, with all of the persons designated in hard copy and in their email accounts, and on file with our physicians and local hospitals. How about yours? Are you prepared for the inevitable? For an emergency?

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