UK Phone App to Cut Crime?

Photo credit: Daily Echo

Photo credit: Daily Echo

A police department in the United Kingdom launched a phone application to assist survivors of hate crimes by making it easier to report their incident(s). Hate crimes are historically underreported. Do you think a phone application will help in the U.S?

According to the Bournemouth Echo, the Dorset Police Department is a trendsetter on the move. Bournemouth Echo reports that the new application “will help victims of hate crime report it via their phones.” James Vaughan, pictured far left, deputy chief constable for Dorset Police, said:

A crime app which you download on your phone is not the solution, far from it, but I think that it is a very useful tool in the armoury of crime reporting. 

According to their data they believe that 4 out of 10 incidents are reported. That means (we’re aware you can do the math – we just wish to point it out!) that SIX out of ten, or 60% of hate crimes aren’t reported at all. That’s a problem both in the U.K. and in the U.S.

As we know in the U.S., hate crimes are terribly underreported.

Perhaps a hate crime incident reporting application might assist in the U.S. There are some similar applications in the United States; however, the public awareness of these applications – as well as the data coming out of them – isn’t well known at this time.

The UK application is a joint venture between the Dorset Police, the Bournemouth Council, and the Borough of Poole.

What do you think?

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