They’re Quite Lovely, Most Batterers



They’re quite lovely, most batterers.

Lovely at home, too.

Until they’re not.

– From Jane Eaton Hamilton’s Never Say I Didn’t Bring You Flowers

Call for Submissions on Relationship Violence for Forthcoming Anthology

The following message is from Jane Eaton Hamilton, award-winning author, poet, photographer & visual artist. Jane is a lesbian activist who was one of the British Columbian litigants in the historic 2001 same-sex marriage case¹ that resulted in marriage equality across Canada. To date, Jane is the author of eight books. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, Macleans, Salon, Siécle 21 (Paris) and POEM (UK).

She writes:

Battering. A topic critical to our community with no books about it. Let’s change that! Do you know a friend who was battered by a [sexual partner], buddy, squeeze, lover, wife, husband? Were you? Now is the time to get writing about it. The deadline of Feb 1 is swift approaching.

I am so pleased to be compiling an anthology about LGBTTQI battering called ‘Never Say I Didn’t Bring You Flowers.’ Work is welcome from around the world. Editor Jane Eaton Hamilton, author of 8 books including the just released Love Will Burst into a Thousand Shapes,’ is searching for works of creative non-fiction, essays, poetries, cross-genre work and fictions about battering by Feb 1, 2015.

Poems: 3-5. Prose: 1000-5000 words.

Send piece to:

janeeatonhamilton at shaw dot ca

¹ EGALE Canada Inc. et al. v. Att. Gen. of Canada et. al. 2001 BCSC 1365.

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