About Us

The OutJustice Foundation advocates visibility, integrity, and justice for everyone – across multiple disciplines & species – with a concentration on underserved and disenfranchised communities. We believe in positive change through understanding and inclusivity in spite of perceived social boundaries due to various discriminatory and oppressive systems.

That means we conduct hard-hitting campaigns to end injustices no matter where it’s found. It means we concentrate our energies and resources into proactively addressing inequalities and actively end abuses through direct services, community support, grassroots activism, national trainings, corporate and community accountability programs and erasing the imaginary lines that separate one group from another, one species from another, one faith from another, one sexuality or gender identity from another, one economic class from another, …

We have several areas of focus, absolutely. We purposefully advocate and work in areas, both physical areas and metaphorically- or theoretically-speaking, that need us the most. We care.

And because we care, we:

  • Fill gaps in assistance or support programs around the country.
  • Train communities on activism’s best practices.
  • Fill court rooms to urge for justice and stand with survivors and victims’ families.
  • Mediate for survivors and their families to news/media outlets.
  • Assure our clients know their legal rights as well as all avenues of support.
  • Work closely with other agencies, from small local teams to the federal government, as necessary or helpful to establish better understanding and hold authorities, communities and corporations accountable.
  • Provide holistic support because each individual is different and their sense of justice might be different than another person’s, or that of the criminal legal system – a system that leaves much to be desired and fails the wronged far too often. Whether it be counseling, moving forward, publicizing that things aren’t right in the world or just getting through or avoiding the legal system altogether (not pressing forward on a case for personal reasons, for example), we are there for our clients.
After being released from the hospital, gay bashing victim Daniel Hauff visited the Red Line train with a reporter rather than be silent about the prominence of hate crimes in Chicago, Illinois. Later after fighting for nearly two years to obtain justice, Cook County, Ill. Judge Cannon acquitted his three attackers of felony hate crime charges blaming Hauff for alerting the media and for having a foggy memory of his actions the day prior and day following his attack.

The Chicago Sun Times coverage of the hate crime that started it all. After being released from the hospital, gay bashing victim, rights activist, and later The OutJustice Foundation’s Executive Director Daniel Hauff visited the Chicago Red Line train with a reporter rather than be silent about the prominence of hate crimes in the United States. After nearly two years pushing to obtain justice, Cook County, Ill. Judge Cannon acquitted his three attackers of felony hate crime charges. She blamed Hauff for alerting the media and for having a foggy memory of his actions the day prior and day following his attack. Hauff says of the experience that the two days of questioning and brash commentary by the defense attorneys and judge were a worse gay bashing than the physical attack that permanently damaged him.


The OutJustice Foundation works to actively remind the public that injustice creates shock waves that harm more than just the targeted person(s).

The OutJustice Foundation has been a long-term resource utilized by not only hate crime and discrimination victims, but also their families and their various communities.

Originally formed to support survivors of gay bashings, our client liaisons quickly learned that as “queer” individuals, those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer, intersex, asexual, and their allies (persons who stand in the fight for equality by their side), each person we assisted was actually part of numerous different communities.

Every client at The OutJustice Foundation has an individual identity. Each identity is different. No person is just “gay” or just [enter your identify of choice]; rather, there is crossover. Humans are varied and mixed and shaped by many aspects of their physical person and the society around them, as well as how they are treated and how they perceive their treatment, others around them and all aspects of cultural norms and obligations.

We are shaped by “race” (skin color, let’s say, even though we are all part of one human race), socioeconomics, sex, gender, language, religion, dietary choices, nation, heritage, ethnicity, sexual orientation, education, profession, or even an arbitrary line drawn in the earth by political forces.

All queer persons (LGBTQIA) are mutlifaceted. All – everyone – we are all complex.

We are individual.

We are sentient.

And all people deserve to be protected from violence and discrimination targeting them for who they are.

Each of us belongs to numerous groups. Sometimes those groups support us. Many times they do not. We need to support each other. Please join us in serving our community through understanding and compassion, education and accountability. Donate now.

Services & Programming

The OutJustice Foundation supplements services, where necessary, and only appears to duplicate service in areas where additional services are needed. There will never be enough humane education. And we cannot stop until hate and discrimination are ancient history.

The civil rights movement is far from being over – ask any inner city black youth struggling to avoid violence in her neighborhood. Females still hold few positions of power compared to their male counterparts in U.S. corporations. Rape is prevalent. Hate crimes are under-reported. Immigrants are openly called “illegals” as if the term itself isn’t utterly offensive. And the rights of LGBTQIA individuals is still considered taboo as queer youth commit suicide and run away or are kicked out of their homes in high percentages across the United States.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of situations and wrongs we address. But we cannot do it without your support.

Help us to help them. Be a voice for change. Join The OutJustice Foundation.