Closing an Advocacy Gap

Advocacy that hadn’t been provided.

The OutJustice Foundation supplements services, where necessary, and only appears to duplicate service in areas where those additional services are needed. The OutJustice Foundation formed to fill a programming and services gap.

Neither the State of Illinois nor the organizations established in the Chicago area were prepared to provide public courtroom presence and community accountability. And they definitely were not positioned to provide those services unapologetically. The OutJustice Foundation is funded primarily by private donations. As such, The OutJustice Foundation does not need to concern itself with anything other than justice. There are no politics at play and no corporations or voters to appease.

The victim advocacy leadership within these organizations created The OutJustice Foundation through conversations with local community members.

In fact, The OutJustice Foundation grew out of talks with The Center on Halsted’s Anti-Violence Project and experiences with and expertise originating from The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office’s Victim Witness Assistance Program. Leadership specializing in trauma stewardship identified ways citizens could help. And we formed to take that challenge on.