In early 2010, The OutJustice Foundation formed to support hate crimes survivors. We provided community accountability specifically in hate crime cases generally recognized as “anti-gay” or “anti-lesbian,” homophobic. Often referred to as gay bashings, such cases often fail to obtain the criminal legal system’s attention and actually move forward any form of “justice.” At the time this group of concerned citizens, activists, government and community non-profit groups called themselves “Out for Justice.”

In 2012, The OutJustice Foundation began taking on the knowledge bases, skill sets, and expertise of numerous community and national leaders from a multitude of professional and activist backgrounds – from grassroots activists to academics (some who are publicly visible in our work and some who are not) – to build upon the work our founders very carefully constructed.

2015 marks exciting growth as a newly incorporated entity requesting recognition as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Our work now includes more than our origins focusing on survivor advocacy.

We work both in the courtroom and within our communities.

Tapping into the root of the challenges in discrimination and hatred that countless individuals face (and remain largely quiet about), The OutJustice Foundation provides free humane education materials for all ages pushing for change wherever change is needed (from elementary schools to our elderly community) with full awareness of our inter-sectional accountability needs. No one is just “queer” or “straight”; rather, we all have multiple identities.

Read on and help us assist victims of violence and prevent future victims!  And please make generous donation to help us fund our work.

The Beginnings

The OutJustice Foundation came about when concerned members of the Chicago LGBTQIA Community realized there was a need for support for victims in the aftermath of hate crimes.

Realizing through local grassroots models already in use in “Chicagoland” courthouses, The OutJustice Foundation’s founders recognized the scale of assistance that was truly needed for hate crime victims – both in and out of the courtroom and long beyond any activity in the criminal legal system had ended. These leaders took action, establishing The OutJustice Foundation as a resource beyond in-the-moment assistance and filling various voids in advocacy work as identified by their colleagues within other organizations and government representatives working directly with The OutJustice Foundation, its clients, and anti-violence efforts both locally and nationally.

Instrumental in the organization’s formation were prominent leaders at established organizations who encouraged this small group of concerned citizens to take the responsibility on and – we began.

The Future

What people say about us when we are all gone doesn’t come from nowhere. It will come out of the results of the actions we take.

None of our own personal decisions occur in a vacuum. Everything we do influences others.

Help us to write history. Work with us as a partner, a resource, a place to volunteer your skills, or as a person to help because you matter. The last one is crucial to our mission. Seek us out. We’re looking for you.