Meet OutJustice

The OutJustice Foundation’s core movers and shakers are the backbone of our work.

Without them we would not be capable of attaining for our clients and communities all that we have and will continue to achieve on their behalf. Thank you all for your commitment to our mission, your generous financial support, and for sharing your specialized skills and expertise to serve our clients through The OutJustice Foundation’s programs.


Daniel Hauff

Executive Director
Interim Director of Communications

Daniel Hauff

Daniel Hauff

Daniel takes The OutJustice Foundation’s mission and programming extremely seriously – in part because Daniel was the foundation’s first client and advocacy beneficiary following an anti-gay attack against him and two others in January 2010 (the initial victim he intervened to help and the witness who stood up on Daniel’s behalf). After experiencing the reality of how our criminal legal system leaves countless survivors without justice, meaningful support, or follow through, Daniel took a leadership role in the organization.

With extensive experience in grassroots organizing as well as having served an intense role pushing for prosecution for criminal acts nationally, Daniel’s work has resulted in corporate policy reform, the passing of historic legislation, landmark civil settlements, and opening the minds of millions of people to the plight of other sentient beings, the importance of trauma stewardship and holistic care, and ethical business practices.

Daniel is president of DHAPR Group, strategy and media specialists. His influence includes not only human rights but also animal protection, having led undercover investigations exposing some of the worst animal abusers in the United States. He has worked side by side with state and federal authorities resulting in criminal convictions and provides consultations and advice to some of the leaders in covert operations worldwide.

Anne Skinner

Director of Operations 
Client Liaison

Anne Skinner

Anne Skinner

We met Anne at an environmental and animal protection festival in the summer of 2013. As a mother she has inspired her kids to think critically – so much so that now Ms. Skinner has to keep up with the advocacy efforts of her offspring!

And that’s how she landed at The OutJustice Foundation becoming introduced to the supplemental programs to assist clients outside of our original mission because we could and should. We think Anne liked that.

As a Client Services Liaison, Anne assists those who end up the target of discrimination and violence. Yet, like so much of a growing non-profit, her roles do not end at one. Oh no. Anne assists with anything she can to help push The OutJustice Foundation’s critical work forward.

And yes: Anne’s official bio will come with the new website (we’re so close!) – but for now, meet Anne!

Board of Directors

The OutJustice Foundation’s Board of Directors is growing. Photos and bios coming soon.

Committee Members

Our committee members give of their limited time, resources, and provide us with their expertise. Photos and bios are forthcoming, but for now here are The OutJustice Foundation’s committees:

Addiction Advocacy, Cultural Sensitivity, Faith Advisory, Faith Outreach, Gender & Sexuality, Hate Crimes, HIV Awareness, Outside Impact, Prisoners’ Rights, and Technology.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as The OutJustice Foundation grows and improves this website. We promise to have bios and photos up as soon as we can round up our busy volunteers to take a moment away from their important work and help us to improve our site. The OutJustice Foundation is 100% volunteer run and we depend on donations from you to keep us afloat.

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