FBI Admits: Hate Crimes are Poorly Tracked in the U.S.

According to The Associated Press, FBI Director James Comey admits that “some” jurisdictions “fail to report hate crimes while others say none occurred” adding that such a fact – that no additional hate crimes happen beyond what is reported – “would be welcome if true.” Are all hate crimes counted?

UK Phone App to Cut Crime?

A police department in the United Kingdom launched a phone application to assist survivors of hate crimes by making it easier to report their incident(s). Hate crimes are historically underreported. Do you think a phone application will help in the U.S?

Russia: State-Sponsored Violence & Homophobia

Russia has a law criminalizing “propaganda” that shows LGBTQIA persons in a positive light. And yes, in this case that final “A” includes jailing allies of equality (those considered “heterosexual” in traditionally-used definitions in our country’s brief history). Anyone who participates in “gayness,” or says it’s pretty OK in some way (so to speak) is to be…

Anti-Gay Marriage is Discrimination & leads to Violence: It’s all bullying.

The following is my opinion. I’d love to hear your take on it. Feel free to comment. I don’t like to mince words, as you may see, but I have “broken it down” significantly. – Daniel Hauff I have a particular conversation fairly regularly with a dear friend of mine. It tends to go the…