The OutJustice Foundation supplements services where necessary and only appears to duplicate service in areas where these additional services are truly needed.

Our Programming includes:

  • Victim Advocacy. The OutJustice Foundation specializes in trauma-informed case management for our clients, their families, and their various communities.
    • The OutJustice Foundation’s client liaisons are sensitive to cultural, community, and religious differences and we pair thoseweassist with the best fitforthe client from our knowledgeableandhighly-trainedpersonnel.
    • Ongoing Holistic Care is key to wellness. Nothing happens in a vacuum. We provide every client with the respect and concern each person deserves. We do not drop clients just because “everything has been done.” We are here for our clients for however long we are needed. The criminal legal system is normally not the answer for many if not most of our clientele. Learn more about the challenges of the criminal legal system here
  • Court Case Monitoring and trauma-informed client case management.
  • Humane Education.
    • Grammar School through Post-Graduate Degree programs – The OutJustice Foundation’s humane educators are trained to speak and work with engaging materials and specialize in varying coursework. Our educators are prepared to present or provide workshops (one-time or ongoing) for classrooms and students of all ages.
    • Community Engagement [description coming soon]
    • Workshops include wellness programming, leadership training, skills acquisition, mentoring, a comprehensive understanding of the inter-sectionality of social justice causes. [dedicated page coming soon]
  • Grassroots Leadership Training and Support[description coming soon]
  • Workplace Equity Training. [description coming soon]
    • The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) provides an online Buyer’s Guide. Corporate and community accountability are essential for progress toward equality. HRC’s guide provides their survey results on individual companies in order that consumers may empower themselves to support inclusive companies that treat LGBTQIA staff members appropriately and have policies in place for their protection.
  • Speakers. [description coming soon]
  • Life Planning. [description coming soon]
  • Community Accountability. [description coming soon]

Note: If you or someone you know is in need of assistance, please call (757) 598-4363. Or, in non-emergency situations you may email us at or Contact Us here.

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