Client Advocacy

We help individuals and communities to obtain meaningful results.

Our track record is exceptional.

The OutJustice Foundation’s survivor advocacy programs and services vary considerably from person to person and community to community. We help clients directly. Our services are holistic at their core as we view each person and situation for what they are: uniquely different.

Listing all that we have done even historically might confuse those reviewing such a list as to our focus; therefore, we won’t list everything. It’s better to simply state the following: We do not turn our backs on anyone who approaches us for assistance, whether or not that care will ultimately be provided by us or someone else. This sets us apart from far too many organizations serving diverse missions and clients. 

Our stance is: Let’s see together how to best obtain what you need.

We get answers. We provide resources. And we usually do that all right there in the moment with the person or people we are assisting. We must as a society stop passing people off who approach us for help. Instead, help them! Better yet, get us on the phone and we’ll help both of you.

In some cases we recommend and/or obtain additional support for those we assist. Our specializations are as diverse as the people we help; yet, our goals and mission have always been very clear about not recreating the wheel or providing non-helpful duplication of services. Sometimes a client’s needs require us to connect them with an appropriate person(s) with specialized expertise or outside organizations. Our clients often identify help they deem important or critical and The OutJustice Foundation’s Client Liaisons closely consult those who cross our path to ascertain additional recommendations and resources, services and programming to overcome or cope with their personal circumstances.

We have extensive in-house expertise on:

  • media and public relations,
  • corporate policy reform,
  • attaining criminal prosecution,
  • landmark civil settlements, and
  • working with law enforcement, prosecutors’ offices, state authorities and federal authorities.

We provide:

  • Representation for assistance in working with various entities, such as landlords, employers, media outlets, law enforcement, corporations and other non-profit organizations.
  • Campaign assistance to address larger issues. We have decades of combined experience in grassroots and international campaigning work to hold governments, individuals, corporations, and prosecutors accountable. Ask us if you would like to discuss a particular situation and the options we might provide assistance with.
  • Court Case Monitoring.
  • Referrals,asappropriate. Examples include medical, psychological and legal professionals, or grassroots organizers and support volunteers (either internal or external specialists, or regional community leaders) in our clients’ geographical locations.
    • Except by referral we do not provide legal assistance. We are not focused on expecting success within the criminal legal system. In fact, we brace for the opposite and prepare our clients for their journey in careful alignment with our clients’ wishes.

Most of our work is private given the nature of our work, but we can give you a better idea of what can be accomplished if you confide in us the details of your concern(s)/situation(s).

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