Addiction & Substance Abuse

There is more than one route to gaining control over addictive behaviors. For lack of better categories at this time, we’ll discuss them in terms of the often-known “12-Step” programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), contrasted with programs achieving amazing success without the use of the 12-step concept. First, what we believe is most familiar to the general public and that which is a good starting point to understanding one’s options.

12-Step Programs

Many people find 12-step programs to give them the support they need to do what’s right for them and for their families. You can find the program that’s right for you at 12-step programs are not for everyone but they’ve helped countless people especially in simply finding others who have the same goal – a life free of dependency and addiction. 12-step programs include those for food addictions and gambling. The most common ones include:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA)

Not everyone likes 12-Step Programs. There are many alternatives and perhaps too many to explain here, so we’ll give a basic briefing and some additional resources below.

Non 12-Step Programs

Another approach that has also helped untold numbers of people through its self-help model is based in cognitive behavioral therapy (but it’s not “therapy”). We recommend checking out SMART Recovery.

SMART Recovery

Most programs offer support and self-help programming for friends, family, and loved ones to learn how to love you (or the person struggling) without enabling them or shredding their own lives any further. If you are that caring individual, please search for local groups/chapters of the plan that appeals to you.

Many communities, particularly in large metropolitan areas, provide programming such as SMART Recovery for youth and support for friends, families, and significant others. SMART Recovery also has online chat rooms and forums to privately seek the assistance and community you need.

You may also Contact The OutJustice Foundation and speak with someone who cares. We care about you.

Just don’t give up because You are Not Alone.